Home Decor for Halloween 2022 – Ideas

A beautiful entrance of a house decorated with pumpkins for halloween.

The spooky season is almost here and it is time to get freaky with the Halloween decor. Your neighborhood is going to be dark and mysterious on Halloween night so you better start preparing for the fun. Halloween is a widely celebrated festival for spirits and souls. It first made an appearance in Northern America in the 19th century. The festival has existed for much longer in the Irish and Scottish cultures. The immigrants then brought it to the west and thus it became the All Hallows Eve in America. The harvest season is commemorated with this festival around the globe. Many different cultures have adopted and started celebrating Halloween in different countries. There are many rituals people follow such as decorating their houses with spooky themes, cooking favorite fall recipes, and dressing up as different characters. 

Kids disguise and play trick or treat and many other games around the neighborhood. People hand out candies and cookies to kids who visit their houses. The enthusiasm for dark, thrilling, spooky decor is observed during this time of the year. You can also use this opportunity to bring out your creativity and decorate your house in fall and Halloween colors. Orange and black are the popular colors associated with the festival and thus can be used for home decor for Halloween. Let’s look at some trending ways in which you can decorate your house, inside and outside, and make this fall festival worth celebrating.

Spooky portraits around the house

The costume you did last Halloween or planning for this year can be your ultimate decor as well. You will surely take some eerie pictures of yourself, friends, and family, then why not use them as prints for your decor this year? The easiest way to get your portraits printed is by getting an acrylic frame for them. You can directly print the image on acrylic sheets as they are easily available and trendy these days. They give your pictures a clear bold effect and as acrylic is unbreakable you can reuse the picture every year or just use it as regular home decor. The acrylics are modern in look and have a glass-like reflective surface. Such qualities make them a perfect fit for your themed prints. You can purchase some high-quality acrylic photo frames for Halloween from online stores like Photo Perky at very affordable prices. You can also customize these photo prints on acrylic by choosing the size of the frame and choosing your image.

Pumpkin carriage at the entrance

The season is well known for pumpkins, symbolic items for Halloween. Carving jack-o-lanterns and making pumpkin pie are some famous uses for the festival. Pumpkins are usually on sale before Halloween so people can buy in advance and start their decor. You can set up a  colorful display at your entrance using pumpkins, leaves, spooky carnations, etc. There are many other decor essentials such as costume figures, skeletons, cobwebs, and toy insects available in the market for that horror feel. Adding dim and colorful lights for the nighttime will give off the right Halloween vibe. The pumpkins are often used in various fall dishes as well, you can arrange a Halloween feast and decorate the dining area with smaller pumpkins as well.

Scary figures and statues for character

The most famous spooky characters from horror and thriller movies, shows, cartoons, etc. are preferred for decorating houses. Skeletons, witches, scarecrow figures, and mummies are the most common characters used. You can simply make one using scrap and fix them in your front yard. The stick figures with a skull on top are the easiest to make for last moment decorations. You can also use these inside your house in corners or stairways to increase the horror factor. The figures can also be some famous cartoon characters from Halloween movies to leave an impact on the visitors.

The folk harvesting festival is now a popular time to celebrate the return of spirits. The costume parties and trick-or-treating activities are sure a fun thing to do on this day and thus it will be only sensible to decorate your house accordingly. The spooky decor will make the space more suitable for Halloween parties and for your guests to get in the festival spirit. We hope the above themes will help you in achieving a perfect Halloween decor with the help of acrylic frames and diff items. You can purchase your Halloween-inspired spooky portraits from Photo Perky at affordable prices and faster service time.

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