Your photos on premium quality acrylic

Photo Perky is your one-stop shop for all things personalised. With a custom-made item from our shop, define your sense of style. Choose a luminous acrylic print to add depth and radiance to your photographs. You will receive prints with utmost clarity that emphasises the details in your memories. We take your artwork and imprint a mirror image of it on the reverse of a piece of acrylic sheet. 

For high-resolution colour printing, we employ UV inks with a high concentration. The ink is then dried to preserve your prints for a long period. With the availability of multiple frame sizes and thick acrylic sheets, Photoperky is one of the largest producers of custom acrylic photo prints.

The vivid colours and striking visual effect of Plexiglass prints, commonly referred to as acrylic prints, are well recognised. You can look from every angle as colour rendition gives your photo a contemporary appearance. Each print’s outline is cut with sharp blades to provide finer, smoother edges. With the same transparency, clarity, and translucency as glass, acrylic wall art is a material manufactured from acrylic acid derivatives. It is twice as light as glass, though. Our custom acrylic glass prints are up to 30 times more durable and impact resistant than glass.

Professional acrylic photo printing

Photos printed on acrylic are widely used to decorate homes, offices, galleries and beyond. The gallery-grade material of the sheets makes them suitable for long-lasting photography exhibitions. You can play around with acrylic prints as much as you like—they represent the contemporary approach to art. For the best acrylic photo print of your choice, we can satisfy any special requests you might have in addition to our normal print size, which goes up to 35” x 23”. You can select the size that you wish your photos to be printed on from our large collection.

You can buy your favourite memories as custom large prints on acrylic. From compact small sizes to huge gallery prints, Photo Perky has it all! The acrylic picture printing that takes place at our store is done carefully to ensure the high quality of not only the print but also the acrylic sheet. Your plexiglass-covered photo board will seamlessly fit into any space in your house. The acrylic frame’s vibrant hues will make your favourite art photographs stand out. Anywhere you decide to put your prints on display—in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even out on your patio—they will give the place a classy sheen and refined radiance. You can check out the qualities of our acrylic picture frames below and get yours today!

  • Light, Stiff, and Stable
  • Contemporary and sleek appearance
  • Reproducing high-quality images
  • UV light protection
  • Waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

The thickness of the frame will vary depending on the size of the acrylic print. We have two different options available which are 3 mm and 8 mm.

Providing our customers with top-notch quality is our priority, however, if you are not satisfied with your order, we can always give you a reprint. You can send us your request for a reprint at [email protected].

You will receive your acrylic prints with industrial double-sided tape on the backside, which you only have to peel and paste on the wall. Some of the heavier acrylic print sizes are available with wall mounting studs.

Yes. Acrylic picture printing is done to endure every kind of environment, so you can hang your prints both indoors and outdoors. Although, avoid placing them under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

We have square and rectangular acrylic photos in various sizes available right now at our store. You can change the orientation of your image as per requirement from portrait or landscape.

The largest size in acrylic prints that we have is 35” x 23” which comes with 8 mm thickness.

The acrylic sheets are hard and strong. They are durable to withstand falls but if you drill them with extremely sharp objects, they can get scratched. You have to be careful while handling the product. They may gather some dust on their surface if they are left outside or in an area that is dusty. An easy way to clean it is with a gentle, wet microfiber cloth.

Acrylics are unbreakable plastic-based materials that look exactly like glass but are much stronger and more durable.