3 ways to decorate a dorm room with high-quality prints.

Moving to a new city, a new dormitory, and expecting a new experience with no clue is sure to be a tough journey for many. But you can relax knowing that you get a room for yourself that you can decorate however you like. College life is a dream for students as they embark on a new journey manifesting their dreams and passions. That twin bed and study table are going to be your partners for a few years now, so might as well make the environment lively. You can cope with homesickness by filling your room with memories you carried with you. If you are a parent dropping off your grown-up in a fascinating world and worried they might forget you as they get busy with college, then you can give them a memorable print. Your family pictures, pet pictures, etc, can be a comforting image for the child in their lonely and sometimes boring ambiance.

While there are multiple ways to decorate a dorm room with printed pictures or artwork it can get a bit difficult to choose the best option. You might need to consider the space you have available for decoration and set-up. The pictures that you wish to print for your dorm room could be printed on various surfaces depending on how you want to decorate the room. The easily available methods are acrylic printing, canvas printing, polaroid prints, etc, which can be ordered online as well. Let’s see which of the methods are favorable for the limited space of a dormitory as well as the decor themes they can fit.

Canvas Prints: For lightweight prints

The most travel-friendly prints are made on canvas. The pictures are carefully imprinted on canvas paper as they are light in weight and portable. Yes, they require extra care to protect the printed surface from getting scratched or wet but once they are put in a defined place, they shine the most. With the 3-D effect of the printing covering all the edges of the frame, canvas prints will add depth to your wall decoration. Although they look equally appealing on a flat surface such as a desk, if you make use of the keyholes, canvas photos can be hung on a wall. They will fit the hole effortlessly and make for an irreplaceable item in your dorm room.

If you are a loving parent sending pictures to your child who has gone to college in a different city or country, the canvas can be your choice of print. They are travel friendly and can be sent to faraway places with just a close packaging to protect them on the way.

Acrylic Photo Prints: Modern and Aesthetic

For a change, the most popular choice is acrylic prints of your images. They are in huge demand given the exceptional benefits of the material. The glass look-alike is a perfect choice for modern and sophisticated dorm rooms. The acrylic photo frames can be made easily using the printing services of online stores. There are many online stores that provide premium quality prints on acrylic at very affordable prices such as Photo Perky. you can be creative and arrange an acrylic gallery or desk collection in smaller prints to keep all the memorable moments together. If there is a particular picture you are fond of, you can print that on acrylic and preserve it.

Relive childhood memories in your cozy Dorm Room with Acrylic picture prints.

The life of acrylic is certainly longer considering it is a byproduct of plastic. Once you print a picture to keep in your dorm room, you will end up taking it with you in your new home. It is popular for cherishing memory in a unique way since it never vanishes.

Polaroid Photo Prints: Convenient and trendy

The one printing technique that is popular among teens and young adults is polaroids. Usually taken with a polaroid camera, polaroid photos are easily accessible and instantly printed. However, you do not need to carry a polaroid camera with you everywhere for the effect. Many printing agencies can print your usual pictures taken digitally on paper in polaroid format. The greatest thing about polaroids is that you get your college memories printed and hang them in your dorm instantly. So you can cherish not only your memories from back home but also from your college life. As they are usually printed on the small square or rectangular shapes, they take up less space, which means more pictures.

The most amazing part of getting polaroids printed is that you do not have to dig holes in your walls or switch up your desk to make space for them. They can be easily pasted on the wall using adhesives or hung on a string. Using a fairy light and clips is the most popular way to decorate a dorm room with photo prints.
You can easily purchase photo prints on acrylic or canvas online via some popular stores such as Photo Perky. The process is quick and the products are affordable. So go on and start decorating your dorm room with memories from all phases of your life.

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